As a Psychic I offer Remote Services that are always done by email. The interested person must send a brief description of the case and following data to novasensitiva@gmail.com, along with the reason for which is seeking my assistance:

– Full name
– Full birth date
– Location where you live (city / state / country)
– Religion or Belief (if there’s any)
– Current Occupation
– Recent photo

If your case is approved for assistance, I’ll reply back giving payment information and available schedule options. The cost must be paid in advance by Deposit in bank account (Transferwise / Western Union) or PayPal. Clients outside the US need to check costs in their local currency.

If I sense that I can’t work on your case or that it needs another kind of professional I’ll notify you by email.

My services are:


Custom Message

This service is for those who simply want a friendly word from beyond. I concentrate to receive a channeling from the Superior Astral, and the message is sent by email.

Cost: US$20


Spiritual Counseling

This service is recommended when you have questions and need answers regarding some subjects. You should send your questions the clearest and objective as possible. Be careful not to ask multiple questions in one. If you include other people their data may help but this isn’t obligatory.

I can use the Lenormand Deck, the Marseilles Tarot or the Dragonlight Deck to find your answers, besides my Spiritual Sight. The reading is sent by email.

Be open to receive a favorable or unfavorable answer from the cards on whatever you want to know. If you don’t feel ready for this, don’t ask for this counseling. Spirituality brings us what we need, and this isn’t always what we want.

It’s unusual, but in some cases an answer might come unclear if it’s not permitted to know something, or if the situation presents itself as a crossroads – with a chance to shift your reality or jump to another timeline. This means that the future could be changed through your free will and that of others.

Cost:  US$25 (1 question) / US$40 (3 questions)


Spiritual Harmonization

This service is recommended when you feel that there’s something meddling with your energy and you need help in understanding what it is and how to handle it. The problem origin might be physical, emotional, mental, astral (black magic and alike), etc. It can be done  for people, homes, businesses, situations, and pets.

At the scheduled time I evaluate, clean and heal the energies. It’s necessary for the person who is receiving to prepare according to instructions sent prior and to stay attuned for about 15 min.

A report is sent shortly after, or within the next day, including a short Tarot spread.

Cost: US$40


For further information, please contact me.

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