Psychic Reading: Making a Murderer


First things first.

My name is Nova, I live in Brazil, and I’m a Psychic. I have degrees in health and therapy, but nowadays this is my work. I sense things and have visions, dreams, see or hear spirits… I use it to try to help people, balance their energies, get understanding on their problems and to find out what’s wrong.

I only tried once using my gift to investigate something. I admit it was out of curiosity and I’ve paid a high price. I contacted two violent cases, and as a result I got followed by its energies and presences, and took me days and a cold (Psychic Cold, it happens when we are overcharged with really bad energies) to get over it. That was the time when I promissed I would never ever try to do this again, but here we are. It was not my intention at all.

What happened is that while I was watching Making a Murderer, suddenly during Steven’s trial I had a glimpse out of nowhere. I saw Steven’s trailer right in front of me, the red one, on daylight, and saw to my left this deep darkness on the horizon. On it, I could feel that Teresa’s murder didn’t happen on Steven’s house, but on this other place, at full night, and I could sense two male energies with her at that moment.

Over the episodes this calling started to grow inside of me, like if I had to do something. And I did. I decided to do a Psychic Reading as an attempt do know more beyond the glimpse I’ve had. I used differente techniques on it: a personal Oracle of mine, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Meditation and for last a contact with Teresa herself. I admit I was a little scared at the beginning, but soon this spiritual guide showed up and guided me through all the process, and things just would flowed, and by the end, it was when all made sense to me. I didn’t have that bad experience as in the other time I went on “investigation”, and my guess is that this time I was really being “called out” and also because it wasn’t just for curiosity – I really wanted to help somehow.


Of course, just watching the docummentary gave me a lot of impressions. At the beginning I only knew that this series was causing a commotion on everyone, and there was a debate going on over someone being guilty or not guilty of a crime. Maybe this was when I first felt that “calling”. Well, as everyone else I grabed some snacks and soda, and went out for some entertaining, not expecting anything at all besides a good story. But as soon as it started, on the first episodes, I could see clearly that Steven Avery wasn’t guilty on the first case, and certainly not guilty in the second either. I could just tell who was lying, who was hiding something, who knew more than was telling… Everything only by looking at their faces and all those places. The first time I saw the SUV key picture on screen, for example, I just knew it was planted there.

I won’t say that the Avery’s didn’t have a complicated family story going on. They did. The energies on their Auto Savage Shop are quite heavy and having all those old cars and things makes an accumulation of more energies coming from other people, their past stories, etc. I saw that there were a few people on Steven’s own family that – I don’t know if I could say that – hated him, were hatred about him.

I know too that Brendan Dassey is innocent as well, he has a beautiful heaand he was instructed on his statements, not only by his attourney and the investigators. His cousin who claimed they have talked on a birthday party was threatened and coerced. His brother who told about the body joke was acting out of hard feelings and also on things he were told of.

But my job and intention on doing this Psychic Reading was never to accuse someone or to judge. I also want to make it clear that when I started to approach it, I took of my mind that I saw Steven as an innocent men, in the case I might’ve be wrong, but still I didn’t see him take parte in anything, neither Brendan. All I wanted was to know more of the truth and to see details or information that could be really useful for someone out there. And I saw, and felt, and sensed. From then to other conclusions it’s up to each and everyone’s own intelligence and logic. Besides, we as Psychics can’t always affirm things are 100% as they seem to be except in some experiences, because sometimes things will show up blurry, noisy, empty, symbolic or in other manners that are not necessarily so factual as in physical reality.


As far as I can tell, the crime took place at night on October 31st, around 11PM-01AM, but the body was hidden until November 4th when it was burned on the first hours.

On that Halloween, Teresa apparently took the pictures and got back in her car. While I watched her taking these pictures over an over – in different days I’ve repeated the contacts – I always felt the same thing: that there was something very wrong. And when she was in her SUV, her cell phone was a detail that catched my eye – there was something going on related to it. She seemed upset about a contact. I saw she turn the car on, and drive a little, but she had to stop: again it was something related to her phone. In one of my visions I heard her spirit saying “I was lured back“. So she went back to somewhere. Things start to get confusing from this point on.

Next thing I could see was she arguing with a man (remember: there were two men with her by the time she was killed). This man was a young one, in his 30’s, not beyond 40’s. He could be agressive, and was a troubled person, complicated, with issues, nor regular at works, wearing this white shirt, and sometimes I saw him wearing a black leather jacket. I saw his white skin, long face, big forehead, short hair, little eyes. He was after her for sure, and she knew him. He was not a stranger, he was not a serial killer, Teresa didn’t killed herself. So suddenly he started to get agitated and punched her, they fought. And then I couldn’t see more until later in that night, my guess is that she got unconscious.

(By the way: when I was seeing them fight, Teresa’s spirit appeared and pointed out to the man and said “It was him, he killed me!” – and I know who he is for I sensed and saw him very clearly in this vision and recognized him on Making a Murderer episodes)

After that I saw this place which is another important detail to the case. It seemed to me like a big shelter or garage, pretty long, dark, isolated, it was kinda empty, wet, and cold. I felt her skin touching the cold floor. The building seemed to have a pointed roof, big entrance gate (sorry if this word is incorrect, I’m not a natural speaker of english). Until this time Teresa was captive, she couldn’t talk (she had a gag on her?), and her hands were tied. I heard two men talking over something. They were planning what to do with her. From what I could understand on this scene, the other man was unknown to Teresa, and he was older, and was blackmailing and threatening the first man so he would follow his orders.

This second man was older, and had this aura of importance, of a big important person, an authority. He seemed to care little over ethics and what is right, as long as he would be fine. And it seems he wasn’t fine at all! He was trying to avoid something, desperate. He seemed to me like a person with expertize, knowledge of things. I had a vision too of this man driving from behind Teresa’s car. He was following someone, watching over some place, and this all crossed his path. This is how I understood it, but I might be wrong. He wore black clothes, his hands were in his waist (like if this was a trait of his usual body language).

Teresa could hear the talking, and she was terrified, in deep fear, and she knew inside of her that she would not gonna make it, she would not get out of there alive. And so it happened, it was really quick: the shots. One time I heard them loud, but on other time I was seeing this again I could not hear almost any sound, which caused me some doubt if it was possible that they’ve used a silencer or something else.

The ideia of burning her body came from Steven’s fire pit, which was burning that night. It was so convenient!

The body was removed from the place I saw and the car as well. Things then get a little confusing for me again. I only know that the body and the car were hidden for days and were related to this house which is another important place for the case. It’s a two level house, with white or very light-colored walls. I sensed that the second man got in touch with other men, and then we had this secret alliance. They planned everything. They had the know-how on getting rid of evidence, and messing things up, and they knew how to burn the body. The body was burned in an specialized device used for this purposes, and in a manner that some pieces of bone would remain. The car was clean and the cover-up came soon. They wanted to frame Steven. They had this strategy.

This is a sketch I’ve done of the two buildings I saw.

Regarding the house, Teresa in one of my visions said to me: “they’re missing the papers in the house“. I felt these papers were evidence that could point to someone.

By the time they discovered her SUV, some people knew exactly where to look for it.

Speaking of evidences, the whole time I got in touch with the case it was very clear to me that there is still evidence out there, proofs, that could point to the real criminals. The phone calls were constant noises I’d hear, and the inbox messages that were deleted from Teresa’s voice mail would have pointed out to someone (they were deleted on purpose). The stalker we see Teresa’s friend speak about on one statement is something to be checked on as well. Also, money got involved behind curtains. Finally, there were these “papers“, and a key being mentioned that was not “found” and it’s supposed to still be inside the house. There can be more things I haven’t seen, of course.

The “secret alliance” had very important figures and authorities involved, some of which we saw at the docummentary and I won’t point them out. On the backstage there were more people, and I sensed a big politician too. It seems Steven’s was a trouble for many of these men who didn’t want to lose their status and this scheme of trading favours, influences, and stuff. This, personaly, annoyed me profoundly.


As I said before, my last approach was contacting Teresa herself in spirit. I need to say that I didn’t want to disturb her asking about the murder. I only wanted her to have a chance to say something, to give people a message wathever I’d be. With this intention I called out to her or to someone who could represent her. I saw the same spiritual guide who was all the time with me in this reading, and he brought her with him. They were coming from a place of light, so I knew she was fine somehow. She did appeared in spirit on my visions  on the other days, but this was very different.

She looked at me maybe feeling insecure or unsure. I told her about my intentions and that I wanted to help people and wanted to give her a chance to talk. She listened with great attention (which probably means she was a good listener to others in physical life). She thought and suddenly said “I agree”. From this point on she spoke while I was writing it all down. I had a impression that she sounded like a reporter, she was a really good observer, very practical when it came to facts, and maybe being a reporter was somehow in her dreams or skills.

It reads as following:

This was the most big injustice, for they know what really happened. They found me. I was alone. They started to talk how they would gonna do it. We fought, I fell. I knew time was over for me. I never would have thought he would be capable of that. I didn’t know the other man. Time went fast. There’s so much I’d like to say, but I can’t. They won’t allow me here [the spiritual guides]. Steven didn’t do it, he’s innocent. My mother doesn’t know anything, anything at all. She’s just trying to be ok. My [I chose to censure the word] is the one to talk about.

We were fighting a lot. He wouldn’t let me go. He said he’d go after me. And he did. I tried to hide. We argued. He punched me. I remember this cold floor; bloodtaste.

They never found the key, but it’s in their house, with the papers. The note is true [read bellow about this]. They all did it together, but they’re gonna pay, and are paying already.

As time goes by I’m ok. I don’t look back, I understand altought not always I can accept. They should have made right from wrong when they got a chance.

I miss Timy [at first I heard Nini or something like this then I searched online and found out one of her brother’s was Tim and she referred to him in this kind manner]. Time here is so fast. I’ll soon be there when all this is over for you. I appreciate your kindness, and I know it’ll help someone.

The dark night sticks in my head by surprise, when I dream [some spirits adjusting to the other side might sleep and dream here and then until they don’t need it anymore], and so I need too that this all go away for good.

I miss the plants, my friends, my home. Have to let go.

It’s time [for the message to end]. You’ve seen it all, you won’t see more. Be brave, life is good, but is only a chance. Stay truth… Bye.

I was really emotional after hearing this. I saw her smiling and waving goodbye, and she and the spiritual guide disappeared in light. I could feel her energy as kind and loving, and I felt truly sorry for her and for everyone who loved her. They were also victims of a big injustice.

For the message, if there are misspells or any coherence errors it might be due to my writing – the speaking was perfectly clear and fluent. The note mentioned it’s something I saw the day before I received Teresa’s message: a woman in a post I was reading and commenting told me of a note which had some misspells, and which said in it that the body was burned in a smelter on friday, november 4th, 3AM.

On the conclusion of my experiences I just knew that somehow justice would prevail eventually for Steven and Brendan. I’m not sure if they payment for the real criminals and their “mates” will come in jail, or in life itself.

As she told me, from that moment on I didn’t feel or see anything else regarding the case and had any visions or sensed anything else. It was only on her “report” I could make sense of everything, and I felt my part of the work was done.


I hope that this will get to someone’s heart. I don’t claim it all to be the absolute truth. I know that there are other elements or evidences I haven’t seen, but the main points I believe to be these. If you live in USA, please, do what you can to support Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. Do what you can for a real investigation to take place! And everyone, pray for them, send light and love for them, because they need it. Both of them, and their families, as Teresa’s family as well, her friends, and this case itself which is buried in heavy and dark energies.

Thank you for your attention and may the Light of Life bless us all!


Edit 24/11/18 – now you can follow my work in english on Instagram and Facebook.


15 comentários Adicione o seu

  1. uninspiredcynic disse:

    Thank you for the reading, I read off thoughtcatalog (but the writer seems busy and has taken her time) and waited for your youtube video . I read online comments for and against Avery and Dassey’s guilt and I am alarmed at how some them think they are guilty when they are clearly not. I know it’s a cliche, but you can just see it in Avery’s eyes that he’s telling the truth (unless he’s a master of deception!). After looking at the footage and the interviews, the evidence against him just doesn’t add up (plus the fact he maintained his innocence for 18 years prior from his first (wrongful) conviction, campaigning for law reforms, suing the police… it’s very odd that he’d commit a crime whilst doing that. This case has me obsessed and infuriated at the same time.

    1. Nova Rafael disse:

      I know how you feel. It deeply moved. I’ve never ever done a reading like this before, I’m not the most skilled person, but I felt the calling to help with what I could. I hope things will really turn out for the better!

      1. uninspiredcynic disse:

        It’s all good. You have a gift and used it for something that you’re not comfortable with due to past experience but you did it anyway because it was your way of helping even if you’re from Brazil. There are many people around the world interested in this case, it all moves people because it could happen to anyone, all we can do is send postive thoughts to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. It’s up to the people of the US to show their outrage for change. I hope they seek and find the truth so Teresa Halbach and her family can finally have peace.

      2. Nova Rafael disse:

        Thank you so much for your kind words, they really brought me some comfort! Like you’ve said, my peace come from all people who suffered through this. And someday may we understand why all of this happened.

  2. You are so gifted and kind, thank you for sharing. I am very interested in your drawing but it is very hard to see. I hope that I’m not being a pain but could you enlarge it or darken the words? Thank you so much, Nova. Blessings from Kansas USA

    1. Nova Rafael disse:

      Hello! Thanks to your comment I’ve found out that the post had an error on the image, so now I’ve fixed it and if you link on it you’ll see it full scale! Thank you very much! Greets from Brazil, lots of Peace and Light!

  3. Hi Nova, Me again. ; ) Are the buildings in the same location or on different pieces of land? Thank you!

    1. Melanie disse:

      Hey Nova, I really enjoyed this read/watching. Could I suggest that- if Teresa was “allowed” by the spirit guide to speak the name and show the killer to you, wouldn’t that be allowed to share? I’m from the US and I’m so curious on the opinion and I’ve been following this case. I have a weird feeling about the ex-boyfriend and the main sgt. ? Do you?

  4. ZG disse:

    also look at the little garage behind it…and across the street

  5. Mel disse:

    Could you please email me at our convenience? I would be so grateful to talk with you, I have a question..

  6. Debbie disse:

    I understand.

  7. Hadj-Hassan Phenicia disse:

    Olá Nova
    Thank you very much for your work, time and energy. You are gifted and this is truly brave to do that.I hope bad energies won’t ever break you.
    There is so much injustice in this case, for Teresa and Steven, and it drives me crazy, i’m so furious.
    Can you describe in your words what is a spiritual guide? This really interests me, I’d like to talk to you about many things, I have so much questions, but we’ll have to talk for days to answer all my questions haha.
    And also I don’t understand why you choose to censure the name of her killer, is it because of her spiritual guide? I don’t necessarily want to know his name(even thought i’ll be so relieve)because I came here to have an another proof that Steven is innocent. I just want to know why are you not allowed to tell it( maybe i didn’t understand all her message that you wrote, english is not my mother tongue too sorry).

  8. Trena disse:

    Nova I just shared this again on FB. So you may be getting a lot of messages again. Bless your beautiful sole. With love and light

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